About Us

Mission Statement

Helping to maintain solar systems with affordable service, quality workmanship and reliable

Beliefs And Values

We have some of the most genuine beliefs supported by extremely strong working principles. That's why we are highly satisfied with the work we do.

Our Strength

Life solar's strenght is the measures in place for quality control. We make sure we only use CEC accredited installers and proven products.

Power is one of the key infrastructures for growth of industry and economy. Over the past two year, India's economy expanded at an average annual rate of 7.3% to 7.6%, placing it among the top nations in the world.

With an average solar insolation of 4-7 kwh/m and 300 sunny days in a year, India's potential for harnessing solar power is immense. Government of India wants a growing share of the country's electricity generation to come from renewable energy.

India aims to increase the share of installed electric power capacity from non-fossil-fuel-based esources to 40% by year 2030. With setting the ambitious target of 175 GW by the year 2022 for Renewable Power. As a part of clean climate commitments, India plans to install 40 GW of PV Rooftop Solar Systems by year 2022.

About Universal Solar Energy

Universal Solar Energy is a leader in the field of energy management and innovative solutions for all energy sectors. It prides itself as a pioneer in the development of green technology solutions that are environmental friendly, energy efficient & cost effective and are capable of delivering a quick return on investment.

Universal Solar Energy is providing solar power solutions for both household and industries ranging from few Kws to Mws. Today Universal Solar Energy has developed capabilities of setting up and commissioning rooftop & ground mounted MW scale power projects.

Universal Solar Energy is at the forefront of initiating for a clean environment for a better today and safer tomorrow. Togetherwith it's clients and channel partners, it is driving the change for a greener world, a reality for future.